2011 Sliders Kevlar Waterproof Quest 2.0 Pants

2011 Sliders Kevlar Waterproof Quest 2.0 Pants

Who’s Watchin Your Butt? is the real question when you are looking for pants to ride in. At Sliders we have spent a great deal of time and money to design pants that look good, but most importantly function when you need them to.

Upgrades for the 2.0:
Genuine Dupont Kelvar in new protection areas.   NEW oversize vent design using shock cords. The New design will drastically increase the air-flow inside the pants when opened.  CE approved Knee armor is now adjustable in 3 positions
All of the vents and pockets now feature waterproof zippers.  These changes have created what we think is both the safest and most functional pair of riding pants available today.

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