Bike Reveal: 2015 Victory Gunner

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Victory is changing gears for the upcoming year by bringing old-school styling to the forefront with the introduction of the 2015 Victory Gunner. Hearkening back to the early bobber days, the 659-pound Gunner borrows a few characteristics from Victory’s past efforts to create what seems to be its most accurate depiction of bobbed culture without compromising its heavy-weight status. First of all, the Gunner implements the High-Ball’s shorty front fender and low 25″ seat height in addition to the Jackpot’s slim frame for the core of the build. All of this just screams old-school heritage. With that in mind, Victory chose to leave the High-Ball’s apes behind and replace them with traditional bars. Pair this with the fact that Jackpot’s headlight nacelle, a Victory trademark, also didn’t make the cut brings the Gunner further into bobber territory. At first glance, any Victory enthusiast can also tell that the Gunner was influenced (to some degree) by the Boardwalk, more notably, when you bring your attention to its old-school, 16-incher wheels. However, the 2015 effort deviates from the Boardwalk by putting its own spin on the design, beefing up their lightweight, 24-spoke, cast aluminum wheels to 3.50-19″, all of which is wrapped in Dunlop 491 rubber.

While definitely a throwback, the 93.4″-long cruiser wasn’t made at the expense of contemporary reliability. Instead, Victory decided to inject some modern flare into the bike, leaving the unpredictable nature of old-school performance in the cruiser’s wake, thanks to the 106″ Freedom V-twin and six-speed overdrive constant mesh transmission. And with a 4-1/2 gallon tank, the Gunner offers increased range capability than that of its vintage forefathers. Armed with dual-staggered, slash-cut pipes, other technological highlights on the Gunner include closed loop, 45mm electronic fuel injection, a high H4 (W5W) headlight, and turn signals that feature an auto-cancel system, among others. All of this is well complimented with Suede Titanium paint for a low MSRP of $12,999.

Victory also offers custom options for those who want to differentiate their Gunner from the rest of the herd. Thanks to the bike’s price tag, you can customize the Gunner without putting a hole in your pocket. Jazz it up with the tear-shaped Rad III mirrors and V drag bars for a more edgy look. Or, if you’re a fan of billet finishes, try out the Victory billet grips. There is an arsenal of accessories over at with more options to choose from. The Gunner, leading the pack over a year in advance, makes this motorcycle enthusiast definitely optimistic and excited to see what next year will bring. Maybe a Victory vintage touring model? Who knows! Look for a review of the 2015 Gunner in a future issue of Motorcycle! For more information, click here. — Steven Wyman-Blackburn


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