Shore Thing: West Coast Tour Bonus Extras

This might be my favorite snap.

The March/April of RoadBike issue features a couple of stories I wrote during my West Coast trip last summer -- a full-blown tour down the coast from Seattle to San Francisco, and a recap of a day … [Read more...]

Southern Hospitality – Motorcycle Tour of Roanoke Valley, Virginia

One of the stone overpasses on the Blue Ridge Parkway

By Pamela Collins, Photos by Pamela Collins and Joe Knezevic Rolling It Out Along The Blue Ridge  Formal invitations usually aren’t necessary for motorcyclists. Just knowing that a destination … [Read more...]

International Escape to Nova Scotia Canada


The words flow off the tongue, lyrical and ethereal: Nova Scotia. Ignore for a moment that the name translates (quite literally) to New Scotland; to a kid from California, the name sounds so exotic it … [Read more...]

BONUS EXTRAS: Canadian Club – An Epic Search for Whisky (And Youth)


If you read my Nova Scotia tour story in the August 2011 issue, then you know that it was looooong -- and actually, the original edit was much longer! Below is an excerpt from the cutting-room floor, … [Read more...]

New England Motorcycle Tour, Rolling Thru Maine


Last summer, our esteemed editor and resident fast-food guru Steve Lita asked if I’d be interested in heading north for the weekend and participating in Rolling Thru America’s Maine tour, aptly named … [Read more...]

Adirondack Loop Map & Directions Download

View from the grounds at the Hague Motel.

Check out RoadBike's July issue (on sale 5/31/11) for our Americade daytrip through the Adirondacks. We stop at Fort Ticonderoga, the Essex Ferry, Lake Placid, The Wild Center, and Lake George. Here … [Read more...]

Motorcycle Tour, Rolling Thru Maine Bonus Extras


You may have read all about my adventure with the Rolling Thru America crew in the June issue of RoadBike. Limited by page count it's hard to show all the photos you'd like, and have to pick a few to … [Read more...]

2009 Triumph Modern Classics

triumph quarter

Icon of Contradiction What Price Cool? The Bonneville Goes Mainstream By Jon Langston photos by Riles & Nelson (This article originally appeared in RoadBike November/December 2009. This … [Read more...]