Honda Debuts New Mid Concept Website

Honda’s new  Mid Concept bikes have a new web home. Debuted in RoadBike’s March/April issue (on newsstands 1/31), they’re intended to combine “the spirit of a motorcycle with the comfort and ease of a scooter.” Check out pictures and specs of Honda’s new Mid Concept bikes here. The full press release is below.


“Honda’s New Mid Concept reinvents the way we look at two wheeled travel. This concept combines innovative thinking and new technology to create a multi discipline machine.

Taking the spirit of a sports motorcycle and the comfort of a scooter into a totally new format, the New Mid Concept will offer the energetic riding sensation of a motorcycle but with the ease and convenience of a scooter. This sector shattering combination of features creates a bike that is both visually dynamic and enjoyable to ride.

The latest engine technology has been coupled with the advanced Dual Clutch Transmission technology up to now exclusively offered on the VFR1200F.”


The new Honda Mid Concept website is located at

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