MSF Tip Sheet: “Pretend You Are Invisible”

msf-logo 3If you read Lee Parks’ Skills column in the Jan/Feb issue of Motorcycle magazine, then you’re well aware of some of the statistics that revolve around motorcycle-related accidents. The causes usually stem from the fact that drivers are too careless. However, another factor that sometimes leads to crashes or even fatalities is that motorcyclists aren’t visible enough on the road. Since there isn’t a law that forces car and truck drivers to undergo a training program to help them better accommodate us on the road, the task inevitably falls on us to protect ourselves. But we’re not alone. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) has posted a new tip sheet and public service announcement that can help motorcyclists become more visible while on the go. Entitled “Pretend You Are Invisible,” the basic gist of the announcement is to assume that others on the road can’t see you. With that mindset, the MSF believes that riders will adopt a hyper-awareness, which will in turn make them more aware of their surroundings and help the rider not only ride defensively but more responsibly. 

Some of the tips that the MSF suggests is to wear high-viz outfits. Adaptiv TechnologiesGlowRider vest is a perfect example. Check out the review in the upcoming issue of Motorcycle magazine, out March 11.

To download the MSF’s Safety Tips section, click here.

The MSF Quick Tips collection also includes the following chapters:

“Should You Ride A Motorcycle?”

“If You Ride A Motorcycle” 

“T-CLOCS” Pre-Ride Inspection Checklist

“Ten Things All Car & Truck Drivers Should Know About Motorcycles”

“Riding With A Passenger”

“Group Riding”

“Alcohol Awareness”

“Preventing Motorcycle Theft”


  1. Daniel Ladd says:

    I would love to see reminder signs in the carpool lane or fast lane which show a motorcycle on the right side of a car with the caption underneath which says “Share the Lane”
    I live here in Southern California and have to do a great deal of freeway riding, which involves a huge amount of lane splitting! Some motorists are really very cool about shifting over to the left side of the lane, weather it be the carpool lane or just the fast lane, but unfortunately other motorists are completely clueless, even when a number of bikes have slipped past them, they still don’t shift over, and it is not like we are asking for a ton of room to pass!
    I always give the drivers that move aside for me to pass, a quick thank you wave!