New Bike Reveal: 2015 Honda CBR300R

2015 Honda CBR300R2015 Honda CBR300R2015 Honda CBR300R2015 Honda CBR300RHonda has introduced a new CBR into the fold, the 2015 CBR300R, which will soon be nestled comfortably between the 250R and 500R. This 357-pound bike, when compared to the entirety of Honda’s Sport family, definitely contributes to the lower end of the cc spectrum. However, this newcomer will be bringing more power along with it and, in turn, offering more diversity for riding veterans.

While just shy of 40cc’s over that of the CBR250R, the 2015 CBR300R’s 286cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine features a displacement that’s still approachable for beginners without sacrificing performance, generating a claimed 17-percent boost in peak power than that of its smaller, older brother, perfect for those experienced riders who prefer the more compact package than that of the CBR500R and up.

This increase in power is matched by the 300R’s overall look, which was crafted after the styling cues and dynamic appeal of Honda’s larger CBRs, which can be seen when noting its full sport fairing, dual headlights, and new exhaust system. However, once again, the newcomer’s dimensions are also suitable for those with less experience. The 300R features a new seat shape that, when paired with its  side covers, provide an easier reach to the ground.

First available in August, the 2015 CBR300R will come in the following color schemes: black, red, Pearl White/red/blue, and Matte Black Metallic/yellow. The 300R will also be offered as a standard and an ABS-equipped model, priced at $4,399 and $4,899 respectively.

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