Ride Empowered: Woman Motorcycle Riding Gear, Apparel, Accessories, and More

V__A871Ride Empowered, a new store that specializes in motorcycle riding gear, apparel, accessories, and other items specifically made for female cyclists and enthusiasts of all ages and styles, recently opened its doors on March 1 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Owner Doris Schumacher found her passion in motorcycling after years of being a stay-at-home mom, college student, then accountant, pursuing Ride Empowered as a way to contribute to the effort of helping other women find the same empowerment Doris found with her motorcycle.

“While doing the research for my business plan,” says Doris, “it became apparent to me that there are not many women’s products available in brick and mortar stores.  The few shops that do offer products for women are very limited particularly in their apparel sizes.  This is something I hope to bring more attention to and eventually change through my business.  Considering that women are the fastest growing segment of motorcyclists, I believe there is a huge need for this type of business.”


Ride Empowered carries name brands, small business brands, and US-made products.  “Whether you’re a women that rides a cruiser, a sport or adventure bike, a custom bike or café racer, or even a scooter, Ride Empowered is there to help you find exactly what you need.”



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