Ride To Work Day — June 16

rtw2014_2.25x1.inddrtw2014_2x7.75.inddMotorcycle magazine would like to remind its readers along with all riders from all over to participate in the 23rd Annual Motorcycle and Scooter Ride To Work Day on Monday, June 16. While everyday, weather permitting, should be considered Ride To Work Day, this is a nationally recognized event to encourage record-setting number of riders to participate.

Ride to Work is a 501 c4 nonprofit, all-volunteer effort. Organizers include Andy Goldfine, Lynn Wisneski, and Christine Holt.

Here are some interesting facts from RideToWork.Org


Out of a total 129,141,982 commuters in this country (USA, 2003) 147,703 of them ride motorcycles to work regularly. That’s only .11 percent. US Census Bureau

Of all the motorcycles registered in the USA, (6,567,197) 4.3% of them are used for year-round primary transportation (282,389), with an additional 9.9% used seasonally for this purpose (932,542 total). Motorcycle Industry Council


“As of 2003, there were 5,370,000 motorcycles regularly in use in the United States. US Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics”

“As of 2003, these 5,370,000 motorcycles traveled an average of 1,800 miles a year per motorcycle (9,539,000,000 total miles). US Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics” — RideToWork.org

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For more information, visit RideToWork.org.