Shore Thing: West Coast Tour Bonus Extras

The March/April of RoadBike issue features a couple of stories I wrote during my West Coast trip last summer — a full-blown tour down the coast from Seattle to San Francisco, and a recap of a day spent at the Chehalis Classic Vintage MX races with my buddy, the musician and vintage MX nut Andrew McKeag (Presidents of the United States of America, Kasey Anderson & the Honkies).

As always happens, I took WAY more pictures than we had space to run in the magazine. So here they are, in all their glory. I hope you enjoy them - JL




About Jonny

Jon Langston is the Associate Editor of RoadBike. Originally from Huntington Beach, California, he lives in Brooklyn with his wife Colleen, a fashion designer. He has a Harley, a Mazie, and an '83 KZ1100 LTD that doesn’t run.


  1. Scott Perusse says:

    like your west coast road trip photos, would of liked to caught up with you in SF and taken a couple of photos of you and the bikes. I still love my photography, but lately it’s my GoPro while snowboarding I love the sport but at 47 I’m just trying to keep up with my teenagers. Next time your out this way we should hit the slopes, I will stay off the double blacks. I like the photos on your blog, the Bluebird Cafe photo comes to mind, I was there a couple of years ago after the Andersen Valley Brew Festival.
    Take Care

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